Usos del poncho

Usos del Poncho, art and tradition.
Alberto G. Bellucci.
Head of Decorative Art Museum.

“The poncho protects us from the wind and cold, it may be worn extended or bent on one’s shoulder around the neck, or crosswise on the side.
It’s at the same time coat, raincoat, scarf and cape.
It’s also used as mattress in good climate (open air), it serves as a blanket or cover, or it can be assembled like a saddle bag where we may carry lots of things.
Occasionally, it encloses violence when it is rolled up around the left arm like a shield or defence against someone’s dagger.
The poncho composes equestrian’s best clothes, supports the advances of a love conquest, serves as offering for the believer, and blends the man with his mount, transforming the gaucho into a Pampean centaur.
The poncho maintains intact its validity overcoming time, because it has become one of our symbols which identifies and connects us, with no doubt, to the roots of our own history ”.


0.90 x 1.31 mts.

Gesso, acrylic, gouache, walnut ink, strings, beans and brick on fabric all built up on a paper screen.

Year: 2003