Nocturno II
Original text in Spanish by Oliverio Girondo, well known Argentinian poet.

Glass freshens when you lean your forehead on the window.
Midnight light when turned off, they leave us even lonelier.
Spider webs spun by wires on flat roofs.
Hollow trot of old horses which go by and move us without reason.
What do wailing cats in heat remind us of?
Which is the intention of creeping paper in empty yards?
Time for old furniture to seize the opportunity to take off its lies
And pipes have strangled screams as if they were asphyxiating inside the walls.
Sometimes when we turn on the lights
We think of the terror felt by the shadows
And we would like to warn them so that they have time to snuggle up in the corners
And sometimes the crosses on telephone posts on flat roofs, have something sinister
And one would like to rub against the walls like a cat or a thief.
Nights in which we wish a pat on the shoulder
And in which we realize that there is no tenderness compared to that of caressing someone who is asleep.
Silence! Hoarse cricket that gets inside our ears
Sound of dripping taps!
Only cricket that is suitable for the city.


0.50 x 0.70 mts.

Gouache and inks on Canson Mi Tientes paper.

Year: 1998